Hang in there

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On my way to the first competition of the year. Which I should have been participating at. 


How it feels? 

Well... of course it hurts a bit. 

But I’m always trying to turn everything in life to something good.... and that includes tough situations aswell. 


I am therefor going there to support my firends! cheer for them, share my sunshine and love. 


my injury doesn’t get any better if I stay away . It doesn’t help to hide. It doesn’t help to escape. 

Face the challenges life is giving you. 


Always try to find something positive .



I am looking forward to see my Ninja friends from all around Sweden 🇸🇪 


What challenges is life giving you? 

Whatever it is, I just want to say: 

It doesn’t help to hide or escape. 

But to face them will make you stronger. 


HANG in THERE ❤️💥‼️

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