Just do it

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Do the things that makes you happy.

When we are stressed, not feeling very well or are a bit low on energy it is normal that we take away the things we actually love doing.

But it is when we are feeling like this: that's the time when it's EVEN more important to do it.

The worst thing you can do is to stay home in bed and feel sorry for yourself.

We all have our bad days. And that's ok.

But the entire day doesn't neccessary need to be a bad day...... 
think about it: do you really want to waste a whole day on being negative?
Do you really want to stay in bed the entire day?

I don't.
Even if I'm having a "bad" day, I'm always trying to turn it into a GOOD one.
Maybe not the BEST day but still changing it from bad to GOOD.

Life is too short for wasting it on having bad days and being unhappy.

Do the things that makes you happy, even the days when you feel like doing NOTHING at all.



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