Balance in life

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it's not easy, but it is possible to find. 
Tonight I am taking the evening off, and are just going to enjoy being with my family.
Celebrate my uncle who just turned 50 (!!) Wiiiie Congratulations again!
I've learned that it is important to find a balance between work and free time. 
Even if I love my job, I do need some time off to just reload and not think about my clients progress, trainingprograms and nutrition plans.... 
Tonight is a night to reload, fill up with new positive energy and just relax! 
But first some exciting meetings and work for upcoming events! 
Just changed the location for one of my meetings today, (you have to be smart sometimes...)
YES MAHALO and a delicious acaibowl, I am coming for you! hihi!
What do you do to make sure you have a balance in life? 
What do you like to do when you need to relax and reload? :D 
 The photo is from a copuple of weeks ago at Nytorgets Festival, just because it was such an amazing happy  "PARTY-vibe"... and tonight it's time for another PARTY!!
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