Busy busy, but HAPPY

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Sorry for the bad update here on the blog lately... this week is the LAST week of school... 
So as you can guess, A LOT to do. 
a week full of exams, assessments, last sessions with clients, farewells, presents and lots of emotions.... so good, but hard.
I will miss this so much.
 I can't explain how much this Year have given me... TAFE, all the staff and teachers, The knowledge I've got, all The beautiful (And challenging) clients, false and true friends I've had, the sickness, pain and overcoming lots of challenges... 
I have grown so much this Year. 
and I am forever thankful that I got this opportunity. 
I am so grateful that I believed in myself and followed my dream. 
Against odds, I'm here and it feels amazing❤️
"Don't let anyone tell you what you can or can not do... you are the one knowing your body"
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