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AUSTRALIA I’m coming for ya! .
For those of you who have missed my latest news : I’m on my way to Australia!!
I had the honor be the new TAFE Ambassador Europe and will visit TAFE Queensland... I’ll show you how the life as a student works downunder and give you the best tips and tricks if you are thinking about moving there!
I will also be guestteacher at my old school Tafe Sunshine Coast.
Focus is motivational speaking, overcome fears and my Handstand Workshops. I am so excited for this collaboration.
So if you are curious how it is to live in Australia, follow me here on the blog or instagram @breakitandyouwillmakeit and I hope you will get what you want!
For any special wishes or ideas : please HIT ME!!!
Let’s do this!
TAFE is one of the best Schools in Australia and the offer many different courses with high standard!
I was a student there 2016 at the Diploma of Sport Development program. It was definitely the best time of my life. I learned and grew so much. Both as a person, a student and a trainer. It was the start of my carreer in the fitness industry and it also gave me experiences and friends for life.
If you want to read more about TAFE QUEENSLAND follow this link:

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