European championships, yes or no

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I’ve got so many messages and questions the last couple of weeks..


Are you not competing this year? 

What’s wrong with you? 

Are you giving up? 


 European Championships are coming up in only a few days so I can understand some of the questions...

(and for those of you who don’t know, I’m the European Champion 2 years in a row)


It makes me happy that so many people wants me to be there, want me compete and be part of this amazing sport. And YES it would be amazing... but..


After the World Championships last year I decided to take a break from my elite life. 

I was injuired again and my previous injuries had gotten worse, especially the nerve damage in my left arm. 


People get surprised when I say I have chronic pain... probably because I don’t talk about it that much and because of the active lifestyle I have today...and that’s exactly how I want it to be. 

Because I’ve chosen to not be a victim. I don’t want to be ”the girl who broke her neck”. 

I don’t want to focus on the pain. 

I focus on the positive things in my life instead.


Anyway, the pain increased after Worlds and I was so sick of being injuired, and since elite sport is tough for the body I took the mature (but so damn hard) decision to take a break from the sport.


The last year my focus have been rehab, take care of my body, my company and my “other” life.

 My life have changed and also my training. 



So when I got the question about European Championships a couple of weeks ago I said 

NO way, I’m not in “shape”. 

(and with shape I mean MY best shape...and European Champion shape).



But since I love challenges I started to consider.... what if? 

Can I lose anything? 

I realized that I don’t have anything to lose. I have nothing to prove... I already have my 2 Gold Medals. I know I’ve been in the best shape of my life and I’m not right now... and that’s ok... I have had another focus this year, so if I go, it should just be to have fun. 

I know I’m not 100% prepared .

But the amazing opportunity to be part of a Championship, inspire and just have a lot of fun is too tempting.... 😂

I love this sport. 

And I love to be part of things like this. 

I love to challenge myself, and I want to see what my left arm can manage. 

I am too curious. And sometimes my curious part of me take over the mature part. 



So YES I am going to be in Poland next week, but I am not 100% sure what my left arm will say about the course. 

Some days it works, other days the nervedamage destroys. 


Keep your fingers crossed Thursday is going to be a good day.


To be honest, I just want to be there and be the happiest woman of the course again


Everyone who participate are winners in my eyes


Can’t wait to see you all!✨💫
love E



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