changing rules in the middle of a Championship

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Standing on top of the Ninja Ramp, announced as the top 3 woman in Europe.🥉🌟

Happy, exhausted and proud of my achievement.



It could have been one of my happiest moments... and it was until the Polish people changed the rules.


This morning I was told, the 8 fastest women goes to the semifinals. 

1 and 2 fastest times goes to the final to fight about the GOLD medal. 

So when I end up as the 3rd fastest I was SO happy. So happy to end up on the podium, but of course a bit sad to miss the final by 1 place. .

On my way home I get told I need to go back and run again. Again? .

Yes the Polish team has decided that there will be a final about the 3rd place”


But what? I was told I was 3rd and are on my way home. .

It didn’t matter.


They literarily changed the rules less than 5 minutes after I’ve finished and got third. .

How is that even possible, at the European Championships? 

@ocreurochamps .


This is not about my result, it has never been my driving force or my focus.... I just want everything to be right, and fair. 

This was not fair and it makes me sad. .

To be told the rules in the beginning of the day, and right before the finals change it. In Poland, so a polish girl ends up on the podium and not this little swede💔


I just needed to write this cause I think it’s bad, and sad for the sport. Things like this should not happen. 

We want the sport to grow and need to treat it like a real sport. With clear rules and no cheating allowed.

I’m sad to say it, but things like this takes away the joy of the sport.  Thinking of the next person who end up in my situation. .


Thank you to everyone cheering at me today, it felt so damn good to perform well at the Ninja Track❤️ I felt so alive.


For you who love this sport as much as I do... please share .

Love / Elin

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