6 years

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En speciell dag för mig idag. En känslosam dag. En dag som jag väljer att fira. Jag tycker förövrigt att alla borde bli lite bättre på att fira och glädjas åt allt positivt som livet ger oss <3 Det blir så mycket bättre då. Jag hittade precis ett gammalt blogginlägg från 2017... när jag bodde och jobbade i Australien. Jag tycker det passar bra att dela med er just idag. På min "6årsdag". 2017.02.11 Tears. Why are you running down my cheeks...why are you coming now? I don't want to cry.... it should be a day full of happiness. A day to celebrate. I am so thankful, I can't even explain how thankful I am that I am still alive. but the tears are keep coming anyways. I just can't help it. I guess it's so many memories running through my mind right now.... very emotional. I feel it, see it and remember it all so clearly. PAIN, FEAR and PANIC. It happened so quickly... I didn't have time to react. I was thrown up in the air and the next second I was landing on my neck on the ice cold ground and an indescribable pain occurred... I tried to get back up, but I couldn't move, I screamed and couldn't stop myself from screaming, it was too painful. I paniced. What had happened? 11 FEBRUARY 2013. The day that changed my life. 4 years ago today. I'm not trying to be a drama queen.. and it might sound a bit dramatic for you, but it was for me. This day 4 years ago, changed everything for me, from one second to another. . I broken my neck. . I've been through things I can't even explain. All the fear, the pain and the unknowing. It has been a nightmare. To not be able to move. To not know if you will be able to live an active life ever again. To hear people doubting on your recovery. To be needed to go through a life-threating surgery.. Death agony. To give up your dream of becoming the world champion. Identity crises and to completely loose yourself. Depression. Eating disorders. You name it. . Thanks to my personality, my mindset and fightingspirit am I standing here today. 4 years later and I have achieved things NO ONE thought I could. I didn't listen to anyone who were doubting on me. I was willing to fight to get my active life back. I believed in myself, worked hard and never gave up. I haven't done all this just for myself, I have been fighting through these years and all this pain to be able to help, inspire and motivate people out there... I want to show people that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I want to give people hope. Because I know it is possible. I've been fighting so hard. and I still do. It has NOT been easy. But I am so thankful I never gave up. I am standing here today, stronger than ever, achieved things noone thought I could, I am living my dream, surrounded by people who loves me for who I am, working with my passion, I'm a qualified personal trainer and exercise speicalist, I have a blog and Instagram which is growing every day. I am living. I am living a life worth living. I am trying to make the most out of every single day. I know that everything can happen...you never know whats waiting around the corner. Life is short, so live today. 4 years ago. A day to celebrate. I am alive. I am living. And so are you. Lets celebrate LIFE THANK YOU again to all the incredible people I have in my life, who have supported me on the way. I wouldn't be here today without you❤️ All my love to u. #breakitandyouwillmakeit
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