Find your Why.

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Today was all about winning over the competitive person in me.

To remind myself of WHY I’m doing this. 


This sport is not about performing, not about expectations and winning prizes and be the least not for me.

No for me this sport is lika a tribute to myself and what my body CAN do.

It’s all about having FUN, enjoy the races and give myself the opportunity to do what I love. 

CHALLENGE myself, be active, feel my heart pumping, my muscles working, legs running and the best part:

to feel alive. 

This sport is like a receipt that I MADE IT.  

That I managed to overcome a trauma, a broken neck.... 



I also do this cause I want to inspire, I want to motivate. I want to show people that nothing is impossible ...if we fight hard. 

I want to encourage people to NEVER EVER GIVE UP. 


Never let anyone tell you what you can or can not do.“




I felt that I needed to do this today. 

Or I wanted to do this competition, to

remind myself of WHY I’m doing it. 


I am a competitive person and have always been. But this sport is not about competing. 

Like I said for me it’s about the love I feel for my body and the gratitude that I CAN.

So many people are not able to, and I want to do it for them. 

I love this. And that’s my WHY. 



The competitive girl inside of me has been trying to take over lately and it’s not a positive thing.

I’m glad I realized and stopped her. 

I’m not going to let her kill my sparkle and the love for this sport. 

Today was all about having fun.

And remind myself of WHY.



This goes for you too, my lovely followers.

Always find your WHY, your reason of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

If you don’t know... make sure you search for the answer.


 If you loose track, it can be good to do something that reminds you. 

just like I did today.

It’s ok to not be the best, it’s ok to not always push myself to my limit, it’s ok to just have fun and see how it goes. 

  I do this cause I want to and cause it makes me happy. 


What do you want and why?❤️

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