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Cause I love this sport, cause I love the people in the sport and cause I love the way it makes me feel ❤️

But the biggest reason why;

Cause I CAN. . . 

I’m so incredibly thankful my body is not letting me down. 

I wish everyone could feel this way and be grateful for the body they have and start loving it for everything it is and CAN do instead of focusing on everything it’s not and can’t do. #thebodyisanamazingmachine

I’m nowhere close to where I was before my accident physically, but I’m so thankful I’ve come this far. 

And mentally I’m stronger than ever and that’s my superpower⭐️🙈

Let’s go funrun @action_run


Have never been running Action Run before so it will be such a fun experience! It’s a 8km race in the CITY (different cities in Sweden during the season) with 40 obstacles. If you want there’s a shorter and easier distance too : 5km with 30obstacles.


It’s One of the biggest OCR competitions in Sweden And I’ve heard it’s one of the most fun races ;)

so today is all about playing around and HAVE FUN (just like always) 

Hope you all are having a great day ❤️

LET’s GO! 

Västerås I’m on my way👊

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