OCR WC 2018

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We are here! 
I am here! 
I am so happy to be here. 
I can’t even explain this amazing feeling. 
The feeling of revensch, the feeling that I did it. 
I took another setback and turned it into something positive.
I do not give up and thanks to that am I here. 
I don’t know how it will go tomorrow, cause I don’t know how my body will react after the time I’ve had off from training...
I just hope my body will manage to take me through this course. 
I really really hope I get a chance to show what I’ve been fighting for. I hope my body isn’t saying no tomorrow. 
I just want to run without pain. 
I love this sport, but I love my body more.
I know I can do this. 
Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!! 
Let’s have fun 😍
My goal is to be the happiest woman of the course, again 😉
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