Dreams do come true

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Dreams do come true


I know it’s just a competition. 

I know there’s so many things that are more important than a sport and a World Championship. 

But the fact that I’m on my way to England to represent Sweden, as one of the best athletes in the World is pretty damn cool. 

I’m not saying everyone have to have the goal to become the best in the world... but to have goals in life is important. 

Believe me, I know


Without my driving force, mental strength and dream to be the best I can be, I wouldn’t be here today. 


It might sound a bit ”cliché”, but it’s ok. 

It’s my story and I choose to tell it this way.

I know I wouldn’t be here without my dream. My dream saved my life. Not only once..

My dream has taken me through things noone thought I would be able to do. 


My dream  has kept me going. 

My dream to become the BEST I CAN BE. 


I never give up... 

I just keep going. I do it for me, my family and friends.. but also to inspire others to do the same.



Dreams do come true people. 

You just have to believe in yourself, work hard and never ever give up. 

I’m here today stronger than ever ... and I know this is just the beginning.



World Championships coming up in 2 days and YES I’m emotional. 

So many memories, so much pain and hard work to be where I am today.


Nothing would have been possible without the support I’ve got, especially from my second half. Mum❤️


Let’s go to the World championships 

And just enjoy. 

Enjoy being ALIVE❤️

Nothing else matters

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