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I want to share something with you that I was thinking about last night 😌

(Yes I’m a thinker and are most creative during the nights)

I was thinking about all these people who are experts at finding excuses. 

Excuses why they can NOT. 




Way too often do I hear people say things like “I’m not built for exercising, I don’t have the “right” genetics, If I look at carbs I gain weight, my body don’t like to train....... training is boring”

The thing is that excuses like this, are something YOU’ve made up in your head... and not the truth! Things you actually can change. 


But yes, it’s easier to find an excuse NOT to change, than actually do the hard work.  

Cause change isn’t easy. But possible! 

And if you ask me, definitely worth it!



My advice is to put all the energy you put on finding excuses into trying.



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