Live today

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Live today, cause you never know what’s waiting around the corner. 



I love my life and I am so thankful I am still living it. I am carrying quite a few of traumatic experiences in my backpack, which have made me to the person I am. 

I have chosen to turn my difficult times into something good. 

By keep fighting through and never given up I’ve learned so much! 

And now am I able to share it with others,  to help and inspire.



I am thankful every day I wake up, I am thankful every day I get to spend time with people I love. I am thankful to be here and I never take anything for granted. 


I can sadly say I can add one more experience to that backpack. 


I don’t think I need more now. 

Enough is enough. ?




I am still in shock. 

It was scary. 

I am so emotional right now. 

Not only cause I am thinking of what COULD have happened, but also cause I know how often (and easily) accidents like this happens.


This morning when I was on my way to the gym I got hit by a car .!!

I was riding my bike and crossing a bike-crossing path and this car didn’t see me. 

I didn’t see her either, until it was too late. 

(she was hidden behind a little house that is so badly placed right before the crossing path! )


I am normally very careful when I cross crossing paths ... 

I had green light so I thought it was safe. 


But accidents happens. 



I was lucky. The driver and I saved the situation that could have been 

I stepped on my breaks as hard as I could and tried to turn away from the car. 

BOOOM !! I got hit on the side .

Flying off my bike (and the only thing I could think of was SAVE YOUR NECK!) so I managed to turn around somehow and landed on my butt and elbow instead.


I am still shaking. 

The driver even more.



They convinced me to go to the hospital even if I really didn’t wanted to. 


“I was just there for an x-ray .”


But since I have such an active job, working with my body and other bodies I need (and want) to know .


X-RAY, again, this time hip and coccyx (tailbone).

The doctors once again gave me compliments for my great falling technique . (Maybe I should be a STUNT-woman? 😅

But they also said my muscles saved me. 


No fracture, but acute pain and shocked muscles.

and I’m pretty sure my butt will be blue tomorrow...


Life people. LIVE IT.

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