Thank you

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When I woke up today I didn't know where I was.
I didn't know what day it was or why I had so much pain in my neck. 

At first I thought it all was a nightmare.
When I looked at my phone, with X number of missed calls and messages it came to me. 
It wasn't a nightmare. It had happened for real. 
I am still shocked and it still feels surreal.
Life is tough and I know I will become stronger than ever from this. 
It's just another setback in life. A setback that first looked so much worse. 
I am grateful it's just a "little" injury, but it still sucks.
I love my active life and this injury gave me another eye-opener that life can change from one second to another.
We should all be grateful for what we CAN do. 
MAKE the most out of IT 
Thank you all once again, for the lovely messages, I am so thankful. 
I have so many beautiful friends in this world. 
All my love to you <3 
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