Never lie

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Okay people. 

Normally I’m very positive here on the blog, cause I am a positive person. 


I don’t see any value in spending my life being negative. 


I’m always trying to see the good side. 

I’m always trying to stay positive and be happy.

And that something I’m trying to encourage more people to be.


All challanges, pain and obstacles that life is giving us happens for a reason. 

We learn or become stronger from it. 


But ONE thing I don’t understand is what you get out of people who lie to you? 

 I just don’t see the meaning with lies?

Do you agree?


The worst thing I know :

people who lie. 

cause nothing hurts more than that. 



And trust me I’ve been through quite alot of pain during the years.... mostly physical pain but also mental pain.

But nothing hurts more than when someone you thought you could trust 110%, is showing the opposite. 



People, please take care of each other. 

Please be honest, and please please ALWAYS tell the truth. 

Even if the truth hurts, it’s better to hear it straight away.


Wishing you all the best Friday❤️

I will keep my head up cause nothing can

#break me down. 


Lots of love

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