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YAY I just got some awesome news. 

 I got confirmation from the doctors that I am allowed to compete this year! 

"My heart is recovering and I just have to pay extra attention to how my body is feeling. 

I have to remember that it was a huge trauma for my heart in October and that recovery takes time. 

Why my heart rate has been so low again is most likely a response to the trauma/shock my body is still in. "


The body is an amazing machine and I am forever thankful for everything my body is doing for me. 

Still going strong (at least trying!). 



I am nowhere close to the shape I was in before the World Championships in October… and it’s tough mentally.

I’m slowly getting back to shape, but it has been a challenge for me to keep the motivation up since the accident. 

I guess it’s because I had been fighting so hard for 4 years and was in my best shape ever….. and then back to 0, just like that. 


One part of me is just super happy I can train something, while one part of me is feeling ”this sucks!”

To feel weak, heavy and out of shape is one of the worst feelings. 

But I try to see it as another great experience. 

And NOW when I got the green light from the doctors I can aim for the competitions this year. 


I really want to. 

BUT the question is if I would be ok with not being in my best shape at competition, if my body isn’t responding the way I want…?  

I should just do it for fun, but would it be fun to not be at my best? 





Competitions I*m thinking of.... 

  • Lappset Run Enköping 14th April 

  • Ultimate OCR 28/4 
  • European Championships 29th June-1st July 
  • (Berzerk 21/7 )
  • Mudlife OCR 28/7 
  • Uppsala Survival Run 30/9 
  • World Championships 19-21 October 

    Are you competing this year? 






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