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"To find balance in life (and upsidedown) is not easy, but when you do it's pretty damn amazing."
Yes that's what I wrote on my instagram today.
And It's so true.
I know how it is to live a life in balance and also without it. 
I know what I prefer.
I know how amazing it is to live a life in balance, and I also know how hard it can be to keep it.
Cause life is not easy...challenges comes and goes, obstacles come in our way, life takes unpredictable turns and disturb us....and get us out of balance.
It can be really tough. Especially when you've been fighting so hard to finally get your life in balance and then all of a sudden something happens and it feels like you are back to where you first started. 
It  sucks. Trust me I know. 
To be back in a neck brace after 5 years of rehab, (both mentally and physically) it really sucks.
I would lie if I didn't say it's tough. And as you might know by now: I am an honest person.
But I am not going to let this BREAK ME down. 
I am trying my hardest to keep my head up, staying positive and be happy for what I actually CAN DO. 
I love my body. And I am so incredibly thankful it didn't get worse this time. 
Just the thought of breaking my neck again (as the doctors first said last Friday) makes me cry. 
I didn't break my neck so I will not let this injury break me down. 
Just another setback in life which will make me stronger. 
But right now it's okay to be feeling out of balance for a while..... cause  I know I will find my balance again. 
Cause life is so much better that way. 
Never give up people. 
and never let anything BREAK YOU down. 
 (photos are not from now, unfortunately.... @elling_photography)
I am here if you need someone to talk to <3 
Have a wonderful Easter everyone, 
love E 
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