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My day in photos ...
What an awersome team we had in the studio at my PARTNER -ACRO workshop today! 
SO much fun <3 
Loading and reloading with more müsli ... colourful and delicious 
And some handstands just because, life is better that way... 
Look at this awesome couple!! What do you do with your partner on the weekends? 
Strong girls! Impressive! 
Have you tried More Müsli? 
My favourite is the chocolate flavour... blendede with almond or oatmilk, YUM! 
I just love the mats from grounded factory, just rolling them out makes me smile! 
Yes and AWESOME workshop today, even though the day didn't start that awesome.... haha! 
Hope everyone of you are having a great weekend! 
If you are curious of having me as a PT or as a trainer for you and your friend/s, please do not hesitate to send me a message... I am here to help! <3 
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