Nothing is impossible

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Just a little reminder to you all. 

Life is so much better when we are happy

So if you’re not happy, please do something about it. 

Start with asking yourself:

what do I want? ”



I got that exact question only 2 weeks before European Championships.

It was tough, cause I didn’t really know the answer.

it was hard to face it. 

 I was injuired again, and I was not the normal happy me. 


I had been trying to accept that I was Injuired and that I was not going to compete this year. 

I had started to tell myself my body didn’t wanted to .
I started to tell myself that my elite life was over. 
I started to tell myself it wasn’t possibe.
Even if I knew somewhere inside of me that all of this above wasn’t true. 

(?!) can you believe it!

The girl who always says anything is possible started to doubt.

I had lost track. 



But then I got this question and it reminded me of something I tell my clients every single day. 

Nothing is impossible. 

I was just a bit ”off track” after all the injuries I had been struggling with.



 I started to change my mindset. I started to tell myself it was possible, 

I started to think positive thoughts again.
I started to listen to my gut feeling and accept that I wanted to try... even if everyone around me said I shouldn’t

 I knew it was the right thing to do.

How could I know?

Cause I wanted to...  I had asked myself that question and that was my answer.



and something I know from before is that:

If you really want something in life, you’ll find a way... you will MAKE IT happen.









So how can YOU turn things around?!
Do what I did. 


 I did ask myself :


What makes me happy?


And when I had the answer I put 100% into it.
I worked hard and only 1,5 weeks later I finished up as the European Champion and I am happier than I’ve been for a long time.

Not only cause it’s pretty damn cool to be best in Europe at something... no the fact that I managed to listen to myself, follow my gut feelinbg and get back on track .







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