For me it's about the Journey

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I don’t know how many people I’ve been hugging, talking to, taking selfies with and laughing with this weekend....

 The LOVE in this sport is over and beyond. absolutely amazing.
I’ve been spoiled with compliments, lovely messages and yes almost been feeling like I’m a celebrity, hehe! 

Everywhere I went someone was stopping me asking me for a photo or an advice for how to become
” so strong. ”


To hear that I inspire and motivate is the best feeling I know, cause that’s what I am living for. 


This was the European Championships and yes I won the title as the European Champion....
(and of course it’s pretty damn cool )

But after everything I’ve been through a medal is just a metal plate..

it’s what you’ve done on the way to be standing where you are standing, accomplished what you’ve accomplished that matters

The journey. 

For me this medal is a sign and receipt that I've managed to keep fighting through all the obstacles life has been throwing at me.

 That I never give up . 


 I am not in my best shape physically.  

But mentally and that’s what gave me the GOLD MEDAL THIS YEAR.


 It was a really tough course this year and only 1% of all the 3000 athletes managed to complete it. (!?)
I was the only woman in the Elite class that managed to cross the finish line before the time-cap...
and yes I will remember that for the rest of my life. 

What I bring with me from this championship is the knowledge that I have my mental strength. 
And it motivates me even more to continue to work with my clients the way I do. 
Mindset over everything.

I could see my competitors giving up, I could see in their eyes during the race that they didn't believe it was possible to complete the race. They were hopeless. 
I could hear the audience and the trainers being upset and complain about the extremely challenging obstacles. 
But I didn't feel that way. 

I told myself  I would be able to complete it.
I could see myself crossing the finish line. 
I knew it would take time, but I knew I would do it. 

Cause giving up is not an option for me. 

I believed it so much that eventually I did. 





(thanks to Malin and OCR johan for the pictures!)



Another highlight of the weekend and something I'll bring is the love in this sport.

I love to see how people are cheering, supporting and running with the athletes along the course. 

The atmosphere, the happiness and all other emotions that comes with a championship.
Frustration, excitement, tears, laughs, satisfaction.... 


WOW what a finish on Friday. 

What an emotional end of the race.  

The feeling climbing up that last net ... hearing everyone screaming...

I get goose bumps. 





If you want to see it: 

check this out from OCR TUBE:





To finish this blog post I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all athletes participating in the championship. 
Be proud of your accoplishments <3 

Also congratulations to all supporters, family and friends....cause without you we, the Athletes wouldn't be able to do this.

And of course Congratulations to OCREC organizer for an awesome event




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