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The backside of being an athlete. 
Ok, so today I'm not feeling at my very best.
But I really want to share this blog post with you. 
Social media can be deceptive or misleding sometimes... or actually quite often. 
People post so many "perfect" photos, trying to show off and tell the world they are living the perfect life. 
But the truth is that there's no such thing as "perfect". 
I am always honest on my chanels, cause I want to be a role model, I want to inspire and motivate. 
I don't want people to feel bad and I definitely don't want people to feel that there's something wrong with them or their lives. 
I've had an absolutely amazing weekend. 
Unforgettable in every single way…
I've been high on life, endorphins, happiness and joy. 
It still feels like a dream. 
But today when I woke up I was just feeling empty.
Empty of emotions, empty of energy, empty of everything. 
At first I was wondering what was wrong with me? 
But then I realised, it's not that strange to feel empty after a weekend that took everything out of you... 

So instead of beating yourself up when you're not feeling at your best (i know it's a quite normal behavior), try to search for the reason why you're feeling the way you do. 
Maybe you have too high expectations on yourself? 
Maybe it's not that strange you are feeling the way you do? 

Maybe it's ok to have a day or two when you're not performing, right? 
The way I am feeling today brought me back a couple of years, to the time when I was an elite athlete. 
Oh wait a minute, as the 2 time European Champion I should probably start to call myself an elite athlete again
(it still doesn't feel that way though....)
Anyway always after a huge competition, a championship or the highlight of the year I always got some time off. 
A week or 2 just to recover, to go away on vacation, to reaload.
To absorb everything from the championship and the intensive time leading into it...
Some time to enjoy my success, to be proud of the hard work I've put into it. 
To be able to come back with new energy and hunger for more.
Since I wasn't really planning to compete at a championship this year, I haven't really had time to prepare myself for it. And not the time after either.
So no I didn't plan this. I didn't plan to feel empty today. 
Anyway what I want to say with this blog-post is that it's ok to not be feeling at your best at all times. 
And you don't need to pretend.
For me it really helps to think through the reasons to WHY you are feeling the way you do ...
For me it feels better already, cause I know I will feel different tomorrow. 
ACCEPTANCE is such a superpower.
Tomorrow is a new day and I am just gonna MAKE the best out of today. 
No need to be other than me, no need to perform, no need to be "perfect". 
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