The HIGH on LIFE feeling from exercise!!

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I have missed this feeling so incredibly much. 
The HIGH on LIFE feeling from exercise!! 
There’s no feeling that can beat this. 
Since the accident in America I haven’t been able to push myself to my maximum physical level during exercise. 
I probably could, but it doesn’t feel right and I feel that my body needs more time to recover. 
But due to this, the result is that I haven’t got the adrenalin rush I normally get from training. 
You know the AMAZING feeling of being able to push through a high intense and tough workout?
When your body feels like a machine?
When you almost surprise yourself with how strong you actually are?
The ego boost and satisfaction from a workout like that is probably the BEST feeling I know❤️
I know I will be able to push my body that way again, but I just need some more time.
Be patient. It will come. 
Until then I’m focusing on how lucky I am for everything I actually CAN DO!  
And today I actually got a tiny bit of this feeling
again. 🙏
here come’s today’s advice: 
if you are feeling a bit low, sad,
injuired or just unhappy...try to see your life from a different perspective. 
It could always be worse.
SEE what you’ve got and what you CAN do instead of focusing of what you don’t have and can’t do.
If you try to do this, I’ll promise you will appreciate your life even more💎
Have a wonderful weekend everyone⭐️
see what you’ve got and be thankful!
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