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Lots of fun coming up in February. 
I know January is one of the toughest months for many people. 
It's the time of the year when most people are getting back to work after the christmas holidays.

A holiday that should be full of joy and recovery, but nowadays have turned into a stressful time.
Stress, "must-does", shopping, fixing presents, food-planning, prepping, wokring extra to afford it all, using money you might not have...?
The expectations just gets higher, every year.
Christmas is also a time many people associate with  A LOT of eating, "the more the better".
And people often eat more than they normally do, maybe more of the "unhealthy" things and probably more than their body needs. 

(I'm not saying you can't enjoy a christmas and rubbish food... if that makes you happy, course you should.)
I am encouraging people to find a BALANCE in life. 
Overeating just because it's christmas is not balance, if you ask me.
Same the other way around: TRAINING and healthy eating should not take over you're life.
What I am saying is that during christmas, many people loose this BALANCE. 
Which often results with "guilt-feelings", and sometimes even depressions
People loose track of their routines, and struggle to get back to them when reality start again in January. 
People often have high expectations on new years resolutions, and put up high goals to achieve. 
GOALS are awesome, and I think everyone outthere should have goals, but the problem that often occur is that the goals might be a bit too high, a bit unrealistic... and when you don't reach it in that short (way tooo short) time phrame you get dissapointed and beat yourself up. = LOOSE MOTIVATION. 
It is difficult to break habits, and especially when we've lost track for a while, and are out of routines (which is the case for many people after christmas) #breakitmakeit
January is also the month when people are a bit short of money, so even if you've decided to sign up for a
gym-membership in January, you are maybe not able to afford it? 
What do I want to say with this? 
  • I first of all want everyone to bring down the expectations for next  Christmas... PLEASE!

    Think about what really matters... is it that important to stress for 1 month to find the "perfect" x-mas presents to put under the x-mas tree or is it more important who is AROUND the tree?
  • I also want to say that even if you're on holidays, please do not loose all your routines 
    I am not saying you should skip the candy and treats on chrismas, and go to the gym EVERY DAY.
    I am just saying that I encourage you to stay active, even if it's "just" a short walk now and then.

  • Also set up realistic new years resolutions. 

  • Make the best out of January, FEBRUARY is just around the corner. 
 I want to help you get back on track, find motivation in the darkness and have therefor put up a 
4 week BOOT CAMP!!!! 
EVERY FRIDAY and SUNDAY in FEBRUARY, you'll have the opportunity to come and train with me! 
An effective, motivating and fun workout that suits everyone, from beginner to advance athlete!! 
I  want to share my knowledge, my sunshine and passion to training,
I want to help you get back on track! 
Sign up for this challenge, encourage your friend, collegue, mum, partner or brother to do it with you! 

contact@breakitmakeit.se or 073-9771451
price: 1999:- / person 
06:00-06:45 and 07:00-07:45 ( you choose time that suits best for you!)
and after that every 
Friday 06:00-06:45 and 07:00-07:45 and
Sundays 10-10:45
(you don't have to come to ever class if you're away one week and can't make it)
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