Create your own sunshine

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Do what you can to create your own sunshine..
January is almost over and I know it has been a tough month for many people here in Sweden.
It's cold and we hardly every see the sun. 
I believe sunshine is an important factor to our well-being..  therefor have I during the years learned to find small things that light up my life in other ways... 
When you've been living in a country with over 300 days with sunshine/year, you can really see (and feel) the difference of how sunshine affect people.
It doesn't only warm us up, it makes us happy, relaxed, calm and I think you agree that it's hard to hold back that smile when you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset? ;) 
Since I got back to Sweden I've actually found it difficult to find people who are happy, people who are positve and try to see the best in everything... Yeah it has not been easy to find like-minded friends. 
I guess we (with "we" I mean the majoirity of the people in Sweden) have to become better at creating our own sunshines in life. 
What makes you happy? 
What makes you smile? 
What makes you calm and relaxed?
I am still searching for more things that works for me (not as good as the sun, but better than nothing) 
  • Coffee and candles 
  • Cuddle up in the couch with a warm blanket and my favourite ice-cream ( or lohilo, protein icecream)
  • Spending time with my family, cook dinner together or just go for a walk 
  • TRAINING - ALWAYS makes me happ
  • Surround myself with positive people
The last one is SO important.
We do get affected by our surroundings more than you might think. Both positively and negatively. 
My most important advice to you today is to : 

Be with the people who are GOOD for you, people who give you energy and make you a better person.
BREAK (IT) up with the friends who pull you down, who don't care about what's best for you or can't be happy for your success... life is too short to waste time on the people who don't deserve you.

The other day did I get invited to an event with some beautiful ladies, Best Of You who I've been collaborating with invited a bunch of great girls for a SPA Evening at Selma Spa, Clarion Sign <3
 It was an amazing evening who definitely filled me up with some extra sunshine. 

What made me the most happy was probably that I've found like-minded friends, even in this cold, dark country.
THANK YOU Heneriette, you have such a beautiful soul!
Photos from our evening will be up soon
love e
#1 - - Henriette:

Thank you so much dear, this warmed my heart <3

Svar: Thank you for being YOU <3
Break it and you will make it

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