A "bad" day doesn't mean you're having a "bad" life.

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I've had a Super Saturday today.
I've had an awesome feeling in my body, mind and soul.
As always am I thinking a lot.... and right now am I wondering "why" I've been feeling like this today
Why am I not feeling this way EVERY single day? 
I do most of my days, but let's face it... EVERY DAY is not a super day. 
Sometimes I wish I could find a solution, an answer.. so every day could be a super day. 
But next second I don't want to find a solution, cause I think it's important to have days which are less super. "bad" days can be good to have now and then. 
Cause it makes us appreciate our GOOD and our SUPER DAYS even more. 
What if every single day of our lives would be "perfect"?  
What if every single day would be without problem solving, challenges and obstacles to overcome? 
What if we could only feel the sense of "happiness"? 
I do believe we learn the most about ourselves and life when we face our darkest times. 
The periods of life when we are not feeling "super". 
And as you probably know by now: I am a big fan of learning. 
I want to learn as much as I possibly can. 
I want to experience as much as I possibly can. 
I want to grow as a person and be the best version of me. 
And I do encourage people to aim for the same. 
And "bad" days contribute to all this! 
So even if I had a day opposite to super yesterday,
(and yes I am a bit sad that I needed to cancel a dinner I had been looking forward to)
am I still happy I got yesterday.. CAUSE I LEARNED FROM IT! 

Yesterday was a reminder for me, a reminder that sometimes we run out of energy. 
some days are we not feeling superhappy and motivated. 
AND it is OK! 
I decided to make the most out of my "bad" day yesterday. I took time for myself. 
I put my phone away, took a looong shower, was listening to my favourite music, had a burger for dinner,
ate ice cream (cause it always makes me happy) and went to bed, EARLY. 
I slept for 10 hours!! 10!!!!!
And this was exactly what I needed, both mentally and physically. 
Cause today have been a SUPER  day again. <3
I definitely prefer to spend my days like today, for sure. 
Feeling SUPER is more fun. 
Here comes a little advice for today: 

A "bad" day isn't neccessary a "bad" thing.
A "bad" day doesn't mean that you're having a "bad" life...
A "bad" day can actually be good sometimes....

even if it's Saturday, weekend and people are expecting you to be happy and full of energy...
IT IS OK to sometimes say "no, not today."
Maybe your body mind and soul just need time for YOU. 

And the next day you will be back, with super power <3 
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