You are never too old to PLAY

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People don’t stop playing cause they grow old, they grow old cause they stop playing..... 

So if you want to stay young : never STOP 😉

I sadly think many people are good at finding excuses NOT to train. 
”It’s boring” ”I’m not strong enough” ”It’s too tough”
”I’ll die” ”I’ll get hurt” ”I don’t have the energy”
”I’m too old”
And worst of all ”I CAN’T” 
that last word is the WORST word I know. 
I actually never use it, or let my athletes and clients use that word. 
Just by saying you can not do something you’ve screwed it up. Just by having that mindset, that thought in your brain will make the challenge almost impossible to complete. Cause our brain decides more than you might think.
If you have these sentances that I wrote just above here in your head....if you are telling yourself that that’s the truth, OFC you will start believe it Is.
And worst of all : you will follow it. 
 It’s  a really common behavior.... not believeing the best of yourself and finding excuses NOT to challenge yourself. I’m working everyday with mental strength both for myself and my clients. 
Cause I know how important it is. 
What if you tried to change the negative thoughts and the sentances in your head? 
What would happen if: 
”It’s boring”  turns into ”I have to find a FUN way to train”
”I’m not strong enough” turns ino ”I’ll get stronger every time”
"It’s too tough” turns into ”Tough things makes us stronger”
”I’ll die” turns into ”Eh, no I will not!”
”I’ll get hurtturns into  ”Be careful, i'll work to my best ability and modify if needed!”
I don’t have the energy” turns into ”Exercise will GIVE me energy”
”I’m too old” turns into ”age is just a number, I am  just as old as I decide to be”
”I CAN’T” turns into  ” I CAN” (maybe not RIGHT NOW, but I CAN always do my BEST and eventually I will!”
Most important today (after deleting ”I CAN’T from your life)
NEVER EVER stop having fun and PLAY!
"People don’t stop playing cause they grow old, they grow old cause they stop playing..... "
 And yes sometimes you fall.... but you'll never be able o fly if you never try!
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