What a DAY

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I don’t know how I am feeling atm, to be honest.

I’m both happy and sad . 

But I think I’ll let the happiness win... cause life is better that way⭐️😉

I am so thankful I could run today and even more thankful for all the AMAZING people I have in my life ❤️


I had such a fun day at Friends Arena Run, but I can still not stop the feelings of disappointment, frustration and even a tiny bit if fear. My body is not with me, it doesn’t feel right.....and I couldn’t push it as I normally do. 

But I didn’t give up and I completed the race and i’m so glad I did.... cause it was  FUN  to be running again, (even if the feeling in my body wasn’t good)


Ended up on a second place after amazing @rastarunner, you’re a machine girl!👊⭐️

DAMN I love this sport!

And even more the people in it! 


It will be good to get my heart checked in the upcoming weeks... just to be sure💛 and hopefully I can continue the season this year 🙏😃 fingers crossed!


An honor to run in such a huge arena with such awesome runners, congratulations to ya all! And thank you Arena Run and Nocco for an awesome RACE DAY!! 

 And not to forget, THANK YOU to my Team :

TEAM BARRY’s for taking me onboard for a second round🏃🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️ 



And thank you to everyone for supporting me and for sending beautiful congratulation messages💛 it warms my heart!
Never give up 👊




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