Was it my "birthday" yesterday?

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I'm not the one who celebrate my birthday in any spectacular way... 
It's normally just like any other day, but spent with the people I love the most.
We might go out for dinner or cook my favorite food at home.. just because. 
I don't want any presents, cause the best present I can get is the presence of the people I love. 
-What can be worth more than them being present ? <3
Yesterday was my 5th "birthday"...
Yeah it wasn't my real birthday, but the 11th of February means a lot for me.
So why not take the opportunity and celebrate? 
I think most people should be better at celebrating...
actually every single day is worth celebrating if you ask me. 

We live today, and we never know what's waiting around the corner. 
I had a wonderful day yesterday, with my second half...
we went for the yummiest Brunch @ Trattorian in Stockholm <3
Thanks Mum, you're my hero 
There's always a reason to celebrate! 
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