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SUNDAY and weekend usually give us more time, right? 
What do you choose to do with it? 
Do you give yourself time to relax, recover and reflect?
Reload and get ready for the upcoming week?
I normally work during the weekends, but not this one.... 
So I have had much more time than I normally do.
I found myself restless multiple times and I needed to remind myself that it is OK to do "nothing". 
Just be. Here and now. 
Yesterday was a full-on day with a lot of impressions and I can feel it in my entire body. but moslty in my head. 
I am tired today, so I'll let my body be tired.
Just recover, reflect and get ready for tomorrow and a new week.. 
 I spend my day walking around in the City, eating delicious food, enjoying my cooffees, reading my book, catching up with some friends and now am I off to finish the day with some work. 
What do you do on Sundays?
How do you recover? 
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