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I had such a good start of the day yesterday... 
qualitytime with my second half is something I value higher than anything else. 
Just to get time for each others company... catch up and share thoughts and ideas.
L O V E. 
we both share the interest for food ( WE LOVE FOOD!!! )
We tried a new place yesterday... 
Called. GAST
 SMASHED AVO, on a toasted rye bread and topped with a creamy egg... how YUM?!
and a cuppuccino of course.... my all time favorite. 
it brought me back to Australia, which made it all even better <3
Such a cute little place, highly recommend!
Thank you for the best company Mum <3
Balance is the key... so even if I love my job and wish I could work all the’s important to stop sometimes and recharge the batteries ...
This is one way I love to charge mine, how do you charge yours?
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