Competing again...

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N E W S . 
I have got many emails and messages asking if I am competing this year.... 
So I felt that I wanted to write a blog post about this.
As you might know did I find a new sport last year, called OCR (obstacle course racing). 
I fell in love with the sport from the first second. 
Running, climbing, carrying, crawling.... challenges that we are built for. 
A sport full of supportive and positive people, who share the love to move and challenge the body (and mind!).
It turned out that I had talent for the sport. hihi!
At my first real competition did I qualify to the European Championships cause I accidentally started in the Elite class (thanks Andre, haha!) . 
If I was shocked, YES!! and I think everyone else was too.. 

"Who the f*** are you?!
Where did you come from?!
Do you know how long I've trained for this? !

I have fun, I always do my best and I never give up... that's my strength.
And at my 3rd comp did I become the European Champion. 
I was on my way to Worlds in Canada in October, and I was so excited.
But I guess it was too good to be true... 
cause I ended up in the hospital bed instead of at the championship. 
It has been tough 4 months since the accident in October, but I have been trying to keep my motivation up. Thinking positive thoughts and work with my mental strength. 
But yes it has been challenging to be injuried again, limited and not feeling strong. 
I want to keep competing cause I love the sport, and I love the adrenaline I get from it... but I am not willing to push my body to a limit that isn't good or healthy. 
My body is still tired from the accident and not completely recovered.. 
So to all of you who has been asking: 
I don't know how the year looks like.... it all depends on how my body is feeling. 
HEALTH first ;) 
I am trying out my body on Saturday at ARENA run, FRIENDS ARENA in Stockholm. 
Which will be a good test to see how my body cope with competition again. 
Keep your fingers crossed! 
it would be soooo much fun to compete at European Championships Again!! 
  #TBT to when I was at Swedish television sharing my story 
never give up people
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