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Let March be the month when you step out of your 

comfort-zone ? 😌🙃👊

I’m having a lot of fun and challenging #Workshops during March ⭐️



BRING your friend and do something fun together while getting stronger! 



8/3 Motivational Speech @paradisetmatmarknad CITY



10/3 Handstand & Yoga Workshop with @mollystjerna 

Time: 10-12:30 
Fridhemsgatan 53, Kungsholmen Stockholm 

Reserve your spot the latest 3/3. 
395:- swish to BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT AB 
123-578 87 65


11/3 Handstand Workshop @rebirthfitness 


14/3 Handstand Workshop @orangecountyfoods CITY


17/3 PARTNER ACRO @rebirthfitness 

Time: 11-12:00

swish to BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT AB 
123-578 87 65

The latest 11/3

24/3 Motivational Speech @paradisetmatmarknad 

More info? 😄

Check out my blog : @breakitandyouwillmakeit .com or send me a pm! 


I’m also available for privat events for you and your best friends, collegues or why not for a special bridal shower? 💫🥂 or send me a message for more info 073-977 14 51


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SERIOUSLY. Why being so negative?
I hear so many people complaining and spreading negative energy due to this weather
It makes me so sad.
PEOPLE!! We can't do anything about the weather.... let's just MAKE the best out of it. 
I'm not a big fan of winter myself... but I am not walking around complaining. 
No instead of wasting energy on being negative, I am trying to see the positive sides. 
POSITIVE MINDSET : and everything becomes easier. 
No it's not fun to be freezing, no it's not fun that trains are getting delayed, no it's not fun at all, I get that. 
But what can you do about it? 
Prepare yourself! 
  • Put on that extra layer of clothes, put on enough so you don't need to be cold. 

  • Expect delays and you will be really happy if you come home earlier than you thought! 

  • Look around you and enjoy the beautiful WINTER LAND we have...the snow actually brighten up!

  • And it's pretty too, right? 
    Isn't that much better than being dark and rainy? 
I think so. 
I do find more positive things with the winter we have atm: 
  • It's a perfect time to stay inside with a BIG cup of tea or hot chocolate... 

  • It's super cozy to cuddle up in the sofa under a warm blanket with lots of candles around you. 

  • Perfect time for BIKRAM YOGA! 

  • Handstand practice in the snow, cause it doesn't hurt if you fall?!
Cause like I said, there's nothing you can do about the weather. 
Just go with it. 


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Happiness is a choice.

Sometimes we just have to choose to be happy.
Choose to work towards our own HAPPINESS.
Please don't waste more time on being unhappy... do something about it!
Don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t be a victim... be a VICTORY!

Life happens now... what you choose to do today will affect tomorrow, and the next day and the next and so on. 
The perfect moment will never come. I'm sorry. 
So catch this moment and MAKE IT happen. 

I know it’s not easy.
But it’s a decision you need to MAKE, if you want a change. 

Noone will do it for you. 

Your destiny is in your hands... so if you’re not happy with the life you are living.... do something about it.
If you are struggling with pain, depression, anxiety, obesity, eating disorders, self harming behaviors, over-working, stress....or anything else:

YOU are the one who need to MAKE THAT FIRST MOVE.
YOU are the one who need to FACE yourself. 
YOU are the one that need to realize and be wanting to change your life to the better.

There's help out there to get, but NOTHING in life comes for free.
You have to work hard, you have to be patient and NEVER EVER GIVE UP.

I promise you it will be worth it.

I know, cause I’ve been there... I’ve been living in a nightmare.
But I choosed to change.
AND IT’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

LIFE IS SO F*CKING AMAZING, (sorry my language) but it is.... when you are living it the way YOU want...
and not the way the devil inside of you are telling you how to live it.

I'm here as a personal trainer and health coach if you want my help . 
I've started the FACEYOURSELF challenge at Barry's Bootcamp in Stockholm. 
16 sessions in 30 days. 
almonst there...Only 2 more to go
Anyone else doing it? 
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