Why Handstand?

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Why Handstand? 


People often ask me, why handstand? 

Why I do it, why I teach it, why I want more people to learn it? 


The answer is : LOVE .

Cause I love it. 


I love the feeling. 

I love the fact that being able to hold a handstand is a receipt that you are STRONG, flexible, have great coordination, have good body awareness but most important: 

Have the courage that requires.



Handstand requires a lot. 

physical but also mental strength. 

It requires time, practice and patience. 


Another reason why I love handstand is that when I’m in a handstand I feel that I have 100% control. 

Yes I love the feeling of control that handstand gives me. 

 Think about it for a second. There’s so many things in life that we can not control. Even if we wish we could, the truth is that we can not. 

When I’m upside down, I feel unstoppable. 

I feel unbeatable. I feel strong. 

I feel that I am in charge. 

I have the control.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to feel that way for a change?🙈

I’m here to help you towards your goals!

just send me an email: contact@breakitmakeit.se






If you don’t agree, you’ve probably not found that perfect handstand yet♥️




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