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 What a day! and what a Team Spirit!



I’m sure one of the most important factors for a successful business/company is TEAM WORK


If you enjoy to spend time with your colleagues, if you support each other and working well as a team, then nothing can stop you! 


During my time as a personal trainer I’ve been lucky to work with different companies . My goal is always to create a positive, challenging and FUN environment. 


I want the people who normally work together at an office, to learn how to work WITH each other. And with WITH I really mean WITH

#BREAKITMAKEIT Partner Workout/Partner Acro Yoga is a concept I’ve started. ...(inspiration from gymnastics/Vaulting/yoga/acro)

It’s a type of functional training where I combine strength, balance and flexibility in different exercises. The training also require courage and trust. 


#TEAMWORK is the key during the workouts to make it work. 

It’s always fun and the colleagues get to know each other in a different way ( and from a different perspective).



Today I got to coach the awesome team of CASALL .

and I just have to say WOW, what a team spirit! 


So impressed by you all⭐️



 If you/your work also want to have a #teambuilding training session with me, send me an email for more info🙌

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