Be YOU, always

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Why be like everyone else when you can be different? 


I’ve always been feeling a bit different. 

Always felt that I don’t fit in. 

When I was younger it was tough, cause I thought something was wrong with me and I tried to change, to be more like everyone else (it didn’t work though)

But during the years I’ve learnt that I rather STAND OUT than fit in. 

Cause if you think about it, who wants to be like everyone else? 



I want to be ME, and if that means I’m different, that’s totally fine!❤️



You are unique and noone is better than YOU, at being you.  
#1 - - Henriette:

Tycker om dig precis som du är härliga du <3

Svar: right back at ya! <3
Break it and you will make it

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