Worlds greatest

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I can't find words to explain how much this person means to me. She's my other half, my best friend, my everything. 
Noone understands me like she does, noone can make me as happy as she can, (but noone can make me as frustrated/angry either🙈), Noone can say I love you the way she does, noone can support me as good as she can.....And noone can read my mind like she does. 
It's actually scary sometimes when we read each others mind. We think the same thoughts before anyone of us had said anything about it.... 
what we have been through together is not even worth trying to explain.... noone will ever understand. 
Do you have someone like this in your life? 
Someone you can be yourself with, up to 110% 🤔
I'm feeling blessed🙏
You are a gift, my everything❤️
Thank you for believing in me❤️
Love you Forever, mum
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