BREAK IT Handstand Workshop

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Today I had the luck to share my passion once again😍
👆Doing what I love, sharing my knowledge, teaching and helping people overcome their fears. 
Handstands is such a fun, challenging and awesome exercise!! 
It's not easy, it takes strength, flexibility, balance, body awareness and courage!  but the satisfaction when you are able to control your own body is just amazing! 
it makes me so happy to see that more and more people want to learn how to do it. 
That I get the chance to help people improve and reach their goals is a gift🙏
I've been training gymnastics since the age of 3.... I've been an elite gymnast myself, coaching parts of Australias national team (gymnastics on horses). 
So I've been analyzing and teaching Handstands and the technique quite a lot. 🙄
That I can use my knowledge and experiences to help people makes me so HAPPY!
It's so inspiring to see the progressions during my handstand workshops. 
Today I had my workshop at the hotel Ling Long in Stockholm....

One of the participants of todays event just turned 50 and her friends wanted to give her something special......

"why go to a #spa when you can go to a #handstandworkshop?🙈"  Love it!

Do you also want to give a special experience to any of your friends? 🎉

Send me a message or email and we #makeit happen😄 

 Finishing off with fresh juice or champagne 🥂✨
"There's always a reason to celebrate...."
Except special events like today, am I also having HandstandClasses on Tuesday's at 19:00 (rebirth fitness)
But heads up!! NO class week 41 cause I'm in Canada compeeting at OCR World Championships!! ⭐️
Hope to see you at any of my workshops anytime soon😏
Love E💕

Worlds greatest

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I can't find words to explain how much this person means to me. She's my other half, my best friend, my everything. 
Noone understands me like she does, noone can make me as happy as she can, (but noone can make me as frustrated/angry either🙈), Noone can say I love you the way she does, noone can support me as good as she can.....And noone can read my mind like she does. 
It's actually scary sometimes when we read each others mind. We think the same thoughts before anyone of us had said anything about it.... 
what we have been through together is not even worth trying to explain.... noone will ever understand. 
Do you have someone like this in your life? 
Someone you can be yourself with, up to 110% 🤔
I'm feeling blessed🙏
You are a gift, my everything❤️
Thank you for believing in me❤️
Love you Forever, mum


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It has not been easy, but I did never give up.
Keep fighting.......and never give up on your dreams. 
Go for it. Reach for it. Believe. 
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