After rain comes the sun

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A new day is here, and  the saying " After rain comes the sun " is suitable, both when it comes to the weather but also my mode today. 
I was so out of energy yesterday. 
Exhausted, tired, headache and I couldn't focus. 
Nothing went the way I wanted. 
I tried to sleep but couldn't, I tried to cook food, but I burnt it, I tried to bake and it didn't taste good...
I tried to laugh about it. Tried to do something else... something to just relax and clear my mind.
I ended up eating 4 boxes of ice cream while writing on my book. 
And yes some tears were running down my cheek. 
It is tough to process it all...but I know it needs to come out. 
I feel so much better today, and no matter how sad or tough it feels like life is sometimes:

I know it will ALWAYS be better. Cause if you keep fighting through, keep working towards our goals, keep believing, keep drreaming, and NEVER give up you will MAKE IT..... 
You know I am always honest, cause I think life is topo short not to be. 
Yesterday was not my best day, but I tried to make the most out of it anyway. 
Today is a new day and I will make it even better. 
Starting with a positive thought. Something I am thankful for. 
Today it goes to my HERO, my best friend, My mum. 
tbt pics from New Zealand. <3
No mountains are to high for us to climb. 
 always by your side
You are incredible. <3 
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