You never know who you inspire

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Some people has a bigger meaning to you.
Be that kind of person for someone else.

You never know WHO you affect, influence or might inspire.
Always aim to be the best you can be, both to yourself and others.

I have had the luck to cross paths with some of the loveliest people .... (but also some not so lovely)
and I’m feeling thankful for how
 they have helped me and inspired me.

And now.... I get to hear I am ”that kind of lovely person” for other people.

No words can explain how much it means to me when people tell me I have inspired them.
Helped them or even changed their life to the better.🙏

That’s what I am living for.


I love my job as a personal trainer and health coach....
what I recently realize is that I (almost) love the fact that :
I’m just being ME, even more🙈

After what I’ve been through (feel and hear that I’m never good enough, always aiming for more...)
THIS is pure satisfaction.

Of course I’m still wanting to improve, learn more and become a better version of myself and as a coach.
We are never fully learned, or complete.... those of you who think so, think again ;)

On the journey to become the best version of YOU it is also important to feel that YOU are good enough RIGHT NOW, just the way you are.
You do not always have to perform, be the happiest person on earth and help EVERYONE around you....
it’s ok to just be YOU.
You can still inspire someone.

You never know who you affect.
So just be the best you can be, right now.


I think the reason why life gives us obstacles and challenges to overcome is to help us improve, become stronger on our journey to become the best version of ourselves.
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