Breakfast and Training

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I know I've been writing this before. 
But I am once again convinced that TRAINING is the BEST medicine in the world. 
I haven't been this happy, saticfied and full of positive energy for 4 weeks. 
4 weeks without training, the thing I love to do the most.... it has really been affecting me negatively. 
I know it can be good to take a break from training for a while now and then... But 4 weeks is a looong time for someone like me who just LOVE it. 
I don't feel complete without training in my life. I don't feel as happy and energized. 
I am not able to be the best I can be, without it. 
I know all the health benefits that comes with training, 
and I feel such a HUGE difference if I train (almost) every day or not. 
Yesterday it was 4 weeks since the accident... 
Just a short one, and I took it easy,  but I did it...  
I could feel my whole body SCREAMING "THANK YOU!!!"
Thank you for letting me do this. 
The body is an AMAZING machine, and I am once again blown away by how quickly my body recover. 
Yes, I am tired now, but my soul is happy and full of new energy. 
Oh btw, I accidently won this ..... YES the whole thing!!! 
Just one problem...where should I put it?
But... who needs a couch, when you can have a gym at home??
THANK YOU Mårten, Malin and Abilica for such an amazing start of the day!
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