What do you want?

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Hi everyone, 
Hope your day has started off well, and if not... remember you can ALWAYS make it better😌
What do you want to read?
I love to write and have always done... I have so much in my head and it is a relief to be able to write some of it down. I started my blog for myself, because I realized how much better I felt after writing. 
I could think more clearly, I felt reliefed and most of the times happier...
The more I have been writing here, and the more my blog has been growing and the more response I've got from you (THANK YOU a billion for all the beautiful messages I get!) makes me feel that I want to do this even more. Not just for me, but for YOU aswell, to keep motivating. 
I write about everything. My thoughts, my life, my training, the food I cook and eat...
I try to motivate and inspire, by sharing my life and ME. 
I am not trying to be someone or something I'm not. 
This is me, and this is my blog.... If you like it, please STAY, if not... you don't need to read it.

I want my readers to be more part of my blog, so feel free to continue asking me questions, give advices of what to write about. I will continue to write what I feel like writing,
but I am happy to also write about what you WANT or have questions about. 
I am a personal trainer and exercise specialist, used to be the swedish champion doing gymnastics (on horses), I have been coaching parts of Australias national team, I have an overcoming story......and so much more.
so I have quite alot of knowledge and experiences in my backpack. 😏
Feel free to comment or send me private messages
 Have a wonderful day, and please keep shining! ✨❤️
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