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Great morning at the Airport, catching up with the rest of the Swedes. 
Everyone seems excited, a bit nervous and happy.... Exactly how it should be right? 😌
Coffee and second breakfast on the Plane and now I'm sitting here writing. 
I should probably try to have a little nap.... my 3 hours sleep last night (and the lack of sleeping the last few weeks) start to show. 
I will not let lack of sleep stop me from doing this. 😏👊
worse things have happened. 
I'm just telling myself I'm having A LOT of energy and hopefully my brain and body will believe it! 
Did you know that you actually can fool your body and mind? 
If you believe something enough, it will happen. 
"Your body achieves what your mind believes" 
This is why a positive mindset is so extremely important and makes a HUGE difference.... not only in sports, in your everyday life too!
Think positive and Happy thoughts, SMILE and make yourself laugh.... even if you feel silly:
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