Fjällfysiken Obstacle Race

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First RACE since European Championships today and I am so happy and thankful that I was able to complete it. 
To be honest, I wasn't sure if I would participate... my body hasn't recovered well since The Netherlands.
Lack of sleep and increased painlevel has it's impact.
BUT I am trying to stay positive,  like always. 
I'm thankful and happy that my body is letting me train at all. And that I am the European Champion is almost too good to be true🙏
But yes I am struggeling with the acceptans that my body is not coping well with as much training and physical activity as it used to. 
I don't want to be limited, because in my world there are NO limits....but when my body is saying NO I somewhere feel that I have to listen and work with acceptance.
but it is tough. 
Therefor I wasn't sure if I would participate today at Fjällfysiken Obstacle Race. 
I really wanted to, but .....
I have been resting more than normal during my days here so in the end I decided to give it a go, just for fun. 
See it as a challenge, a challenge to not be disapointed if my body would say no during the race.
A challenge to let myself take it easy and just do it for FUN. 
I managed!!! I did it! And I completed the race. 
Best of all I enjoyed it and was able to take it easy! 
I didn't push my body to it's max and was really enjoying to be running again🙏
To get the chance to compete against one of the BEST runners was an honor! 
Thanks Yoie (RastaRunner!!) 💪🙌💕
THANK YOU JACK and Fjällfysiken for an awesome competition, well organized !
THANKS to everyone cheering and taking photos! 
Thanks to all of my friends for being so supportive
Amazing feeling to be running again
Deadlift with a bar or with an Elin?😅🏋

We rise by lifting othe

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We rise by lifting others🕊✨
I'm ALWAYS aiming to be the BEST I can be...
I want to be a positive person and spread positive energy around me. I love to support and help people and do ALWAYS wish the best for others. I love seeing people succeed, I know how much hard work it is behind a success and it makes me so happy when people get cred for it! 
I don't understand jealousy.. 
Be kind and be happy for other peoples success! 
If you want to succeed too, you can... but you have to do the work! 
so please be happy for other peoples success. 
they deserve it!
and remember we grow by lifting others🙌

Handstand Workshop with a touch!

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What can be better than having a challenging and FUN evening on a rooftop in the sun, together with positive people ....?

On Wednesday the 9th of August am I having a handstand Workshop with a touch! 
We will have some snacks, great offers on my PT-packages, lots of laugh and HANDSTANDS.
An evening you do not want to miss out of ;) 
Limited spots so Book your spot today,
BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT

With a background as an elite gymnast, being a former Swedish and Nordic Champion, a coach for parts of Australia’s national team, and now a personal trainer, Elin Härkönen is the right person to teach you how to do a handstand.

Just a month ago did she also get the title as the European Champion in OCR (Obstacle Race)


For this Workshop No previous knowledge is needed…everyone is a beginner in the beginning.
For more information and to reserve your spot, please send an email to


When: Wednesday 9th
Time: 17:00-18:00
Where: Hötorgsterassen, Sveavägen 13, Stockholm City

Swisha to ensure your spot the latest August 5th
123 578 87 65



I am super excited for this Handstand Worskhop (with a touch!) 

See you there! 


If it is pouring rain, we have to cancel and move it to another day! 
You will get your money back for sure.




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