Morning Routine

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Another morning is here and of course I start mine BEST way possible: WITH A WORKOUT 😍
I just LOVE getting up early, ( my alarm goes off at 4.20) when it is still dark outside, eating my breakfast, drinking my coffee, getting ready for the workout, riding my bike watching the sun go up... hearing the waves, meeting all the active people (who is already up, working out) with a big smile. 
and on top of this TRAINING, with the awesome crossfit crew!
it is just the BEST and It is hard for me to believe that anything will be able to beat this fantastic morning routine.
How does your morning routine look like?
how would life be without coffeeeeeee?!😅😳

B E A C H - D A Y

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Enjoying Australia's summer... 5 weeks left in this paradise
A snack better than other.....😍
Protein dairy free ice cream, with barebells hazelnut cream and cashew protein bar!!
Topped with raspberries, blueberries, mango and some nuts🙌💪😍 

What a day

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A day being very productive... makes me feel great. 
I think it is thanks to the awesome workout this morning.... 
I have been in a great mood the entire day. Ones again, this is one of the reasons why I am active every day!
Happy, energized, exhausted (in the body from training, which is a good thing), thinking clear, feeling motivated and excited for the future!!
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