Challenges makes us stronger

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Challenges make us stronger.. .
Do you chase them or do you run away?
It is your choice 💪😏

I choose to take every challenge I can... 


Because I want to become the BEST version of me. 

I believe that challenges makes us stronger, better and smarter. When we achieve something difficult in life, we grow... it doesn't matter what type or size of challenge it is ... if it's a challenge for YOU and you find a way through it you will become STRONGER. 

Don't compare with everyone else. 

Be proud of YOURSELF and your achievements! 

Everyone is different. 

 So why talking about challenges today? 
Because I faced one... 
I was walking on Manly Beach Esplanade and all of a sudden something attracted my attention.
Fitness people.... a big crowd infront of a stage full of TRAINING-equipments and people smashing their and people cheering, screaming and YES I got excited! 
Went over and asked what was going on... 
F45 Training was arranging a BIG fitness challenge. 
10 minute workout, 10 stations, 45 sec on 15 sec off, 
Super duper spontaneous, I register and enter! 
Haha normal clothes (glad I had my runners on), sore from crossfit, tired after my workout earlier the same day... but so excited and HAPPY! 
I just love these kind of things! 
So yes I entered and apparently ended up with best result for females... 😂✨💪
It definitely made my day!
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