I used to be a dancer

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I used to be a dancer
I used to be a gymnast.
I used to dance and do acrobatics on running horses
I was a dancing gymnast.
And I loved it. 
Today I miss it a bit extra. 
I was walking on the beach today, during sunset and all of a sudden a feeling came to me.
The feeling of misssing something...
I miss dancing, I miss performing, I miss the feeling of expressing myself with my own body, to music. 

To do it all on a running horse is an extraordinary feeling. 

The feeling of being in harmony with a living creature.
The feeling of being in harmony within yourself... 

The feeling of being able to control your own body, to perform in a spectacular way which has taken hours and hours of hard training to reach.
I guess I miss to be creative, I miss to express my emotions this way...
the longeur, the horse, the music and I .
I am happy and thankful for the years I got. It was a blast. 
I will never forget the feeling of being a dancing gymnast, on horses. 
I am so motivated for next year, still trying to decide if I should focus on a sport again...?
I really enjoyed Obstacle Course Racing this year and I think I want to continue !!
It all depends on how my body recovers from the accident, of course.... (and if I find any sponsors ;) hehe )

I am pretty sure I will get through this stronger than before. 
Or should I do something else?....  Triathlon? Crossfit? Dancing?? 
 What do you think?  ;)
Not the same but, better than nothing! 
Have a wonderful evening <3 
Love E
#1 - - Cissi:

Acrobatics + dancing, but without the horse maybe... Pole, hoop, silks. 🙂

Svar: !! It would be such a fun challenge... maybe we can have a practice together when I'm back ... ;)
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