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2018 I AM READY. 
First day of the year is here. 
It feels special, it feels great. 
I am so excited for 2018 and my gut feeling is saying it's going to be an awesome year. 
My business, BREAK IT and everything around it, let's take it to the next level! 
I want to continue to help, support and guide people. 
Are you ready for 2018?


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"Open up your eyes, look within… 

Are you satisfied with what you see? 

If not: CHANGE IT."



You are in charge and responsible for YOUR life.
If you don’t like the life you are living, please do something about it.

I know it’s easier to say than do, but please don’t let that be your excuse for the rest of your life.

Don’t wait for the day when you are ”READY”… cause you never know when that day comes, it might be too late. 

Don’t waste more time of being unhappy and miserable… YOU are worth living the best life you possibly can. 


Let 2018 be the year when you took the first step. 

Let 2018 be the year when you made it happen. 



You are the one who can change the life you are living. 

You’ve got the power to reach the things you want in life. 

There’s help to get, but YOU are the one who have to do IT, and be willing to. 

I’m here as a personal trainer and health coach if you need my support and guidning on the way. 



How do you want your life too be 2018? 

What can you to to make IT happen? 



BREAK IT and you will MAKE IT.

I used to be a dancer

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I used to be a dancer
I used to be a gymnast.
I used to dance and do acrobatics on running horses
I was a dancing gymnast.
And I loved it. 
Today I miss it a bit extra. 
I was walking on the beach today, during sunset and all of a sudden a feeling came to me.
The feeling of misssing something...
I miss dancing, I miss performing, I miss the feeling of expressing myself with my own body, to music. 

To do it all on a running horse is an extraordinary feeling. 

The feeling of being in harmony with a living creature.
The feeling of being in harmony within yourself... 

The feeling of being able to control your own body, to perform in a spectacular way which has taken hours and hours of hard training to reach.
I guess I miss to be creative, I miss to express my emotions this way...
the longeur, the horse, the music and I .
I am happy and thankful for the years I got. It was a blast. 
I will never forget the feeling of being a dancing gymnast, on horses. 
I am so motivated for next year, still trying to decide if I should focus on a sport again...?
I really enjoyed Obstacle Course Racing this year and I think I want to continue !!
It all depends on how my body recovers from the accident, of course.... (and if I find any sponsors ;) hehe )

I am pretty sure I will get through this stronger than before. 
Or should I do something else?....  Triathlon? Crossfit? Dancing?? 
 What do you think?  ;)
Not the same but, better than nothing! 
Have a wonderful evening <3 
Love E
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