Best of You Yoga

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What a day!! 
THANK YOU to all amazing people who made it so awesome! 
Positive People = positive vibes = positive life 🙌💛☀️
Life doesn't always goes as planned🙈
Posing for the photagrapher 🙌
The AMAZING lunch buffé we got after the Yoga Session was just to die for!
And I actually think I could manage to be vegan🙌💛🙈
Thanks to the chefs at LingLong and Alex for serving us! 
fried rice crackers with a 🌶 spicy avocado salsa 
Kimchi-tacos 👌
Alcohol-free option for me🙈❤️

"Surround yourself with people who makes you happy and accept you for being YOU"

Never change to fit's so much more fun to stand out (on your hands). 🙄🙈🌸⭐️

Thank you to Best of You and Yoga Story for today! 
Next week it's time for my special HANDSTAND event with bubbles and fresh juice🙌
Have you booked your tickets yet? 😏
Here's the link:
Have a good sleep everyone, tomorrow is a new day and a new week! 
Let's make it AWESOME🙌🌸
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