Favorite people and places

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These days back home have been absolutely fantastic!
So good to catch up with everyone I have missed, go to all of my favorite places and just do the things I love doing back here. 
One week of vacation, seeing friends, eating delicious food, spend time with beautiful friends at cafes and just walking around in my home city!! 
Yesterday I had the best quality time in stockholm with some of my favorite people❤️
"Life is about priorities, 
if something is important for you, you will find time for it..."

On the train

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everything I do here now feels different. 
I do things that I have done a million of times before... but I'm so NOT use to it anymore!
It feels so long ago. 
"just sitting on the train to Stockholm gives me an unusual feeling. Haha! 
it sounds weird, but everything just feels different."
Just the fact that in wearing "normal clothes" is unusual for me nowadays....
I am so happy to be back "home".. But I am even more happy that I am going back to my home on the Sunshine Coast...☀️

Feeling excited

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I'm so excited!! 
Going back to one of my favorite places on this planet. Seeing some of my fav. people and a place that has a HUGE meaning to me. 
that place has helped me so much. 
I wouldn't be "me" today without going through my period there. 
I'm talking about the GYM in stockholm where I learned and got a "healthy" perspective of training. Thanks to my amazing coach Jannika and the other staff working there!!❤️
I always came 1 hour before my workout started and stayed almost 1 hour after, just to hang out in the reception, chillin' and drinking coffee with awesome people! 
Look at the little chicken on the TOP photo!! 
Haha that was me starting to work out THE RIGHT WAY, after almost 2 years without it.
(I had only done unhealthy training that was breaking down my body)
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